Hosting an NEOEA Day Program


As an NEOEA member, we welcome your participation in offering programs of interest related to your area of expertise to members in and around your local. Please submit your proposal by Friday, April 9.

NEOEA Director Positions

The following Board of Directors positions will be filled in elections at the NEOEA Representative Assembly on Saturday, April 17, 2021.

NEOEA Higher Education Representative at-Large *
NEOEA Minority Representative at-large
NEOEA Unit 2 Representative
NEOEA Unit 3 Representative
NEOEA Unit 6 Representative
NEOEA Unit 10 Representative
OEA Higher Education Representative at-Large
OEA/NEOEA Unit 1 Representative
OEA/NEOEA Unit 4 Representative
OEA/NEOEA Unit 7 Representative
OEA/NEOEA Unit 9 Representative #

The terms for the positions are July 15, 2021, through July 14, 2024.

* This position will be filled immediately upon election and runs through July 14, 2023.
# This position is on the OEA and NEOEA Boards of Directors and represents the former NEOEA Units 9 and 10 locals—now combined as one unit.

Members interested in serving in any of these capacities should submit a letter of intent to the NEOEA office by Monday, March 15, 2021.


Our next NEOEA Day is Friday, October 8, 2021!

NEOEA Day represents your dues dollars at work. Attending NEOEA Day programs, most of which provide growth opportunities at lower-than-usual prices, is an excellent way to get some of your NEOEA dues dollars back! For more information, click the link below.

NEOEA Day Page