Greet and Grill Cookout


Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill AND an ice cream social! What’s not to love? Join us at the Greet and Grill Cookout on Friday, June 8, where we’ll offer you a one-stop shop for information on how to jump-start your local association, make life better for your members, and offer you an opportunity to join an NEOEA Committee.

NEOEA Summer Leadership Conference 2018

It is not too early to make your summer plans – especially your summer union leadership plans!

Our Summer Leadership Committee is busy planning NEOEA’s annual summer leadership event for July 25-26, 2018. We will hold the event again this summer at the picturesque Bertram Inn in Aurora. It is a day and a half of learning, socializing, and relaxation. The poolside reception on Wednesday evening is always a big hit. Our Keynote Speaker this year is Kathleen McKinley. Kathy will talk about what union life was like before the collective bargaining law took effect and offer her insights as to how life will be once a Janus v. AFSCME decision is reached.

Our prices for this year are: $65 (commuting), $180 (double occupancy); $170 (single occupancy). These prices will increase after June 8.

The costs includes dinner, reception, breakfast, lunch, and, if selected, a hotel room.

Bring your colleagues! Our conference offers topics that will interest seasoned leaders and our new members.

Details are available at our “All Things Summer Leadership” page.


Our next NEOEA Day is Friday, October 12, 2018!

NEOEA Day represents your dues dollars at work. Attending NEOEA Day programs, most of which provide growth opportunities at lower-than-usual prices, is an excellent way to get some of your NEOEA dues dollars back! For more information, click the link below.

NEOEA Day Page