Hosting an NEOEA Day Program


As an NEOEA member, we welcome your participation in offering programs of interest related to your area of expertise to members in and around your local. Please submit your proposal by Friday, April 9.

Five Star Award

Created in 2001 by the Public Relations Committee and the Executive Committee, the Five Star Award honors local affiliates that are leaders in involvement with the Association.

To receive the Five-Star Local Award, a local association needs to have fulfilled five of the following criteria during the previous school year:

  • send a representative to both NEOEA Representative Assemblies;
  • send a representative to both OEA Representative Assemblies;
  • send a member to attend at least one NEOEA workshop other than NEOEA Day;
  • send a representative to at least half of the meetings of a UniServ council that met at least three times;
  • have at least 25% of its members contributing to the Ohio Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE); and
  • submit an application for at least one of the four NEOEA Public Relations awards: Communications Contest, Community Involvement Grant, Public Relations Mini-Grant, or Positive Image Award.

Local affiliates meeting these criteria will be recognized at the NEOEA Fall Representative Assembly and in News and Views and receive a plaque and a press release for distribution to local newspapers. No application is required; awards are granted on the basis of NEOEA and OEA records.

Like all NEOEA awards, this award aims to recognize local associations and their leaders for the work they do on behalf of their members.

Five Star Award Calculation
Five Star Award History (by unit)


Our next NEOEA Day is Friday, October 8, 2021!

NEOEA Day represents your dues dollars at work. Attending NEOEA Day programs, most of which provide growth opportunities at lower-than-usual prices, is an excellent way to get some of your NEOEA dues dollars back! For more information, click the link below.

NEOEA Day Page