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YOU are Needed to Mentor a Cleveland College Student!

YOU are needed to virtually mentor a college student from Cleveland through the College Now Greater Cleveland Mentoring Program!

YOU are needed to virtually mentor a college student from Cleveland through the College Now Greater Cleveland Mentoring Program! Every year, College Now awards local students need-based college scholarships for the duration of their college career, and pairs these students with professionals in the Cleveland area who serve as a guide, sounding board and friend through his/her college journey. Mentors support their mentees throughout the students' college career by helping them navigate obstacles and be successful in college. Currently, there are over 2,000 mentors in the program representing more than 500 area employers, and you are needed to join them next year!

The program is entirely online, and allows for the busy schedules of both working professionals and college students. Pairs exchange two messages a month through an online platform and connect virtually at least three times a year. Mentoring Program staff provide guidance and reminders for communication, and proactive support to both mentors and students.

Mentoring is having a real impact for our students: our mentored students graduate at nearly twice the rate of their peers nationally! These amazing results are due to the added support our students receive from mentors and College Now through the Mentoring Program.

The time commitment is minimal (average of 2 hours per month), and the program is life-changing. In the words of a current mentor, "[the program] has allowed me to make a friend that I not only can talk to about the little day to day experiences, but also be a part of some of the most defining years of her life. I've also learned a lot about myself and my own personal growth in the process; I can't recommend being a mentor highly enough!"

Become a mentor, and change a life! To mentor, you must hold a college degree, pass a background check completed by College Now, and have reliable access to the internet. Sign up here today! For more information, visit College Now’s website, watch this brief (3 minute) video about the program, or contact Jabari Dorsey (Mentoring Program Manager) at jdorsey@collegenowgc.org.

If you are already a mentor and/or supporter, you are one of our most effective recruitment tools! Please help spread the word to your network. If you would like help getting information to your friends or colleagues, contact Jabari Dorsey (jdorsey@collegenowgc.org) about scheduling a virtual information session at your work place or community organization. You can also nominate someone to mentor – send them an e-card about getting involved – by clicking here.

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