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Our annual Negotiations Conference is Friday, October 13 — NEOEA Day! Come join us for a specialized half day of training for your bargaining team.

President Jeff Wensing: Another Season Begins

Summer can be filled with various activities such as vacations, home improvement projects, summer classes, and even perhaps some time for relaxation! However, as educators, we are well aware that now is the time of year where we once again focus on our profession as our students are at the center of everything we do.

Not only does the end of summer signify the beginning of the school year, it also brings about the beginning of football season. Ohioans love their football. We have strong connections to our teams and the players that represent our cities and state. Unfortunately, some professional athletes don’t make decisions about their future based upon the feelings of their loyal fan base. Far too often, players leave behind their supportive fans and chase greener pastures. For educators, that can be a difficult concept to fathom since our decisions are directly connected to our fans—in other words, our students.

Whether it’s advocating for less standardized testing, searching for the most efficient bus rates, or planning for highly nutritious meals, all of our decisions are made in the best interests of our students. If students need more support with their academics, educators provide it. If students need more TLC, educators provide it. I am never surprised by how unselfish educators are. We are efficient at providing equitable opportunities for all students, even in locals where resources are scarce.

Much like any team beginning their season, educators enter the school year with high hopes of a seamless, successful year. However, as veteran educators know, some years can turn out to be more challenging than others. Challenges are not new to our profession. Educators prepare for every day as if we were playing for the championship because we know how important one day can be in the life of one of our students. Keeping this in mind, remember to celebrate your students’ victories as well as your efforts along the way.

This is the 2017-18 member resource issue. It contains information regarding your representation and professional development chances as well as scholarship and grant opportunities. If there are any questions about how NEOEA can support you or your local association, please contact a member of the NEOEA leadership team. On behalf of the NEOEA officers and staff, enjoy your year!

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Published in our Resource Issue 2017 of News & Views.


Our next NEOEA Day is Friday, October 13, 2017!

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