NEOEA Day 2019

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Cleveland International Film Festival

Come join us at the 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF43). NEOEA has partnered with the Film Festival to sponsor “Angels Are Made of Light.”

The children of Kabul, Afghanistan have never known peace. Raised amidst the chaos and violence of continuous conflict, their curious minds try to make sense of their circumstances and the fate of their homeland. Attempting to provide some sense of normalcy, the teachers at the Daqiqi Balkhi School emphasize the importance of education and using knowledge to rebuild in the ruins of war. With the students and teachers as its focal point, ANGELS ARE MADE OF LIGHT captures the fears, dreams, and struggles of the Afghan people, interweaving the complex history of the country with found footage and stories from prosperous times that precluded the wars. Despite the tragic circumstances of its subjects, ANGELS ARE MADE OF LIGHT is an eloquent and vibrant documentary that explores Afghanistan’s past, present, and hope for the future. (In English, Dan, Pashto, and Arabic with subtitles) —G.S.

The film will be shown:
• Thursday, March 28, at 6:25 p.m. (code ANGE28)
• Friday, March 29, at 11:25 a.m. (code ANGE29)
• Monday, April 1, at 11:20 a.m. (code ANGE01)

Your Unique Ticket Discount Code for $1.00 off any CIFF43 ticket purchase is: NEOEA


Our next NEOEA Day is Friday, October 11, 2019!

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