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President Rob McFee: Essential Employees

September 3rd, 2020

Greetings to everyone in NEOEA; I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well. COVID-19 has impacted many of us in so many ways. I have had opportunities to see many of you in virtual meetings, but I do miss going to events where I get to see many of you in person and share stories and a good laugh or two. Lock downs” across the country have deemed most of us as non-essential workers. Well, I don’t believe our parents or our students would agree! I think when this is all over more people than ever will be convinced

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President Rob McFee: The NEOEA Mosaic—31,686 Pieces Strong!

May 12th, 2020

I hope everyone had an amazing winter break as we prepare for the stretch run to spring break and on to summer vacation! And no, it is not too early to start looking towards summer! My first time back to the office after winter break was on a Tuesday evening. This was a particularly busy Tuesday, with multiple meetings taking place in different locations of the office. One room was holding a Social and Human Concerns meeting and another was holding a Political Action Work Group meeting, affectionately known as PAWG, a subcommittee for our Legislative Committee. Later that night

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President Rob McFee: Happy Birthday, NEOEA!

May 12th, 2020

Happy birthday, NEOEA! 150 years! This was put into perspective for me as I was getting prepared for our Fall Representative Assembly at Thomas Harvey High School in Painesville on November 9. A quick look back in history: first airplane – 1903, first car – 1885, first light bulb – 1878, first telephone – 1876, and the first NEOTA meeting – 1869! At the inception of NEOEA there were no phones, light bulbs, or even cars to get to the meeting. Travel must have been by horseback, and I suppose mileage vouchers were paid in “oats.” It is impressive to

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Our next NEOEA Day is Friday, October 8, 2021!

NEOEA Day represents your dues dollars at work. Attending NEOEA Day programs, most of which provide growth opportunities at lower-than-usual prices, is an excellent way to get some of your NEOEA dues dollars back! For more information, click the link below.

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