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Making Lemonade…

I am writing this on my first day back to school, so “happy back to school everyone!” By the time you read this, most of you will have been back for some time now. What the word “back” means is probably different based on what district you are working in. As I write this, Cuyahoga County is still in the “red” and many of the schools there are operating remotely. My district is in Lake County, which was most recently downgraded to “yellow.” We are starting the year in our classroom, but 2,400 of our students have chosen to go online and “live stream” their classes. New challenges indeed!

Most of our local leaders have spent the summer in Zoom meetings and Google Meets trying to navigate between safety and best educational practice for our students. Every district has come up with some sort of plan that addresses many of the issues, but the perfect plan that addresses all of the issues does not exist. Once again our educators in NEOEA will rise up to best meet the needs of our students, often times putting our own health and safety at risk.

Saying that 2020 has brought a few lemons our way is a bit of an understatement, but, trying to look for some lemonade, I do want to at least ask you to consider something.

The beauty of NEOEA is its power to draw in educators from all across northeastern Ohio. We provide resources and information to our local leaders to help promote public education and to empower our members. To accomplish this NEOEA relies upon the hard work of many people, and this work is accomplished through the awesome committee structure we have here at NEOEA.

Some of our committees are full, but others would love to welcome some fresh ideas. It takes many hands to prepare for all of the events we do here in NEOEA. COVID-19 may force many of these meetings, at least for the near future, to be held virtually. This does take away a bit of the comradery that we may have when meeting with our colleagues. But at the same time, this may present some new opportunities! Driving to our office in Mayfield on a Tuesday night is often times prohibitive for our committee members who live in the far corners of NEOEA or to those members that just have a longer work day. Virtual meetings, which on one hand may require you to purchase a more comfortable desk chair, may just give you that opportunity to get involved! Please check our out web page for a list and description of our committees ( Maybe this is the perfect time for you to dip your toes in, join a committee, and drink some lemonade!

Stay safe!

United we are stronger,


Published in our Fall Issue 2020 of News & Views.

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