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President Rob McFee: Oh, the Places That We Will Go

Like all educators the last two years, we have had to adapt to a changing world and make the most of our situation. That is one of the many things that make educators so special. When there is a problem, we don’t just sit back and say, “oh well,” instead we say that may be a problem for mere mortals, but for an educator…let me tell you what we are going to do!

One of the things I most appreciate about NEOEA is the multiple opportunities we have to meet members from different districts across northeastern Ohio. We get to learn and share with leaders in the truest sense of the word. Leaders that advocate for their members, bargain contracts, question administration, lobby legislators, and that’s on top of taking on all of the day-to-day challenges of being an educator in today’s society. You develop a sense of the broader community that makes up NEOEA and realize our common needs and our common goals.

The best way to ensure the strength and power of our collective voices continues to be heard is to make sure that we engage the next generation of educators, the next generation of leaders. This is what NEOEA is all about, providing the resources to support our members and current leaders while also providing the opportunities to help develop our future leaders. Our challenges begin in our locals, but the same challenges we face locally are the same ones being faced by our colleagues across North Eastern Ohio. Gathering our unique and diverse skills and experiences together helps us collaborate on solutions that benefit all of our members and, ultimately, all of our students.

If you have never served on one of our NEOEA committees, I challenge you today to consider it. I promise you (from personal experience) that the relationships you build will be transformative in your professional career. If you are or have previously served on a committee, then I challenge you to find one of those future leaders in your local and invite them to share in that experience. The work of NEOEA is driven by our multiple committees which are designed to utilize the strengths of our diverse membership. On our website (www.neoea.org) there is a link that lists and explains all of our committees. You can also find there a Committee Volunteer Form that can be filled out and sent directly to our office.

To our next NEOEA President and my friend Melanie Hameed, I had no idea what NEOEA would come to mean to me. This is an amazing organization. I am super happy that it is you, with your huge heart, that will become our next president. After these last couple of years, our members will need that big heart and all the love that goes with it. I know you will be amazing, and I can’t wait….to see….the places…that we will go under your leadership!

To NEOEA, thank you for an awesome four years as your president, thank you for what you do for our members, and thank you for what you will do as NEOEA moves forward. Oh, the places that NEOEA will go!


By Rob McFee, NEOEA President

Published in our Summer edition of News & Views

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